Anything your little dancer desires! Footwear may be dance shoes, regular shoes or bare feet. Socks can be slippery.


Our classes are high energy with the use of many music and dance props. Parents are involved in our 1-2yrs class and are an active member of our audience in all other classes! We love you to be generous with your applause!


At the end of each term we encourage you to bring family and friends along to class as we showcase everything we have learnt throughout the term. There are no costumes, your tiny dancer can dress in something special!



Class Fees are $10 Per class and Payment is made upfront for the term


2022 Term Schedule


Mon 31st Jan to Fri 8th April (10weeks)


Tues 26th April to Fri1st July (10 weeks)


Mon 18th July to Fri 23rd September (10 weeks)


Mon 10th Oct to Fri 16th Dec (10 weeks)


1-2 Years

T his class sets the foundations of movement and music. Parents are invited to join the fun. You'll be amazed watching your little one explore fast and slow, loud and soft and there is never a dull moment watching them discover new dance movements. 

29 - DSC_0833.jpg.jpeg

2-3.5 Years

This class has a lot more structure than the younger class. Your tiny dancer will learn to follow instructions in a fun, high energy environment while using all their favourite music and movement props. Each term we work towards a short showcase of activities which we invite you to bring friends along to watch in the last week of term

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3-5 Years

This class, while structured, nurtures your little ones love for dance and music in the most magical way. The class allows your tiny dancer to explore movement while also learning foundations for dance and have fun at the same time! Each term we focus on a different music element and go on incredible adventures inspired by your childs imagination!

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5-7 Years

This class is loaded of foundational movements while still allowing freedom of creativity for dance and having fun at the same time! Each term we focus on a different music elements and go on incredible adventures inspired by your child's imagination!



Please read through our current Covid safety plan. We will continue to update should we need to make any changes necessary to stay in line with government guidelines. 
Timetable - between classes there is a 10min gap to allow students and parents to vacate the room the room before the next class enters. This is so we can comply with social distancing regulations and maximum room numbers.

Class numbers - Classes are capped (this varies depending on venue size) in order for us to comply with room size regulations.

Parents/siblings in the room - Having parents in the room is very important to us therefore we have calculated our class sizes to having one parent/caregiver in the room per child. We understand that you may have other siblings with you which is totally fine! Please let us know via email if this will be the case as we will also calculate your other children in our room numbers.

Sign in - On arrival you will need to sign in using the QR code. Please have the tick ready for our teachers to sight before the class.

Masks - At this stage anyone over 12yrs will need to be wearing a mask. Thankfully the rules have just eased so that our teachers may remove their mask when dancing!

Sanitiser - this will be available at the entrance of all venues. Please utilise this along with the hand washing facilities

Sickness & Reporting - If your child or yourself are sick please stay home and dance online using our youtube resources or attend a make up class. If your child or yourself tests positive for covid19 please advise us so we can make appropriate arrangements.

Props - We will continue using our ‘prop packs’ which were implemented after the 2020 lockdown. Each pack contains; pom poms, scarves, wand, ribbon, and tambourine and is $30. We’ve done our best to keep the cost of these as low as possible while also sourcing products that are quality (and available in Aus!). Students are required to bring their bag to each class.